American Idol Review (2013)

We (my family and I) are watching American Idol. Its Thursday Jan 31, 2013 and watching this particular show really makes me realize just how far American Idol has fallen. How the management turned a show that often showed class into what it has become this season is truly stunning. We just watched a beautiful contestant with an amazing voice who also was a ventriloquist. She was great but the judges could not see it, especially with her holding and operating her puppet. Ultimately they had her sing without her puppet and they voted her in (Randy voting no). Then they showed a video montage that ended with the puppet in a trash dumpster. My 11 year, who has always adored the show, felt very bad. She could not believe it.

The video reflected badly on the puppet, the judges, and the show.

But thats just one example. In many other scenes, the judges can be seen making fun of the contestants. This current season just makes you feel uncomfortable. And it's mean.

There is a lot of incompetence in the world. But you have to hand it to the think tank behind American Idol. They have redefined incompetence. They truly don't get it.

And just so I am not just criticizing without offering a suggestion, here's one. How about creating a video montage where Nikki Minaj ends up in a trash dumpster?


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