Conservative Old People

On NPR tonight they mentioned they were interviewing Old People.... well people older than 65, and many of them said they were angry at the current government. And most of them identified themselves "Conservative". Great.

One point though. If you are an old person that voted for George W. Bush, even once, you should shut the hell up, and only be angry at yourself.

To recap, when George W. Bush was elected, he came into the White House with a huge SURPLUS. They even located a paper from the Clinton administration that had predicted that the entire Federal Debt would be wiped out by 2012. But then we elected W. He cut taxes and started two wars. He presided over the giant housing bubble with members of his own party controlling the house and senate. (Yes, Reagan, Clinton etc had undone regulations which allowed the whole thing to happen, but while the housing bubble was growing giant and mass fraud was taking place, Bush's administration sat idly by). Mass damage was done. The kind of damage that will take many years to fix.

So are you an angry Old Person, pissed with the government? If you voted for Bush just get over it. You helped cause it.



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