How to Replace the Screen on a Motorola Bravo MB520

I recently left my phone on my mother in laws car and she took it for a ride that unfortunately ended with a crash to the pavement. This left my Motorola Bravo MB520 phone with a cracked screen. The outside glass was OK, but the inside screen had purple streaks on it preventing me from reading parts of the screen. Well I did a little research and found out that it is pretty easy to repair this kind of damage. Even if you have cracked the outside glass, that is also fairly easy to repair.

First, know that both the outside glass and the inside capacitance screen can be easily replaced. The glass is the same as used on the Defy MB525 and the repair would be the same as I am about to outline but I will not be replacing the actual glass. For the additional directions, see this youtube video at This covers glass replacement for the Defy MB525.

First you will need to buy the replacement screen. They are sold on Amazon and Ebay and other places if you if you google "MB520 replacement screen". At the time of this writing there was one listed on Amazon for $22.00 here: This is the one I purchased and used.

Many of these kits come with tools as does the one mentioned above. You will need a special star type screw driver to remove the screws so if you don't have one of these screwdrivers, make sure you order a replacement screen with tools. The steps to replace the screen are as follows:

  1. Remove the back cover and battery from the phone. The back cover is removed by sliding it down the back.
    Remove the 4 screws and put them aside
  2. Carefully pry open the case. This will take a little work moving around the edges of the phone until you can get the case apart. These two pieces snap together and it takes a bit to get the two halves unsnapped. Some of the replacement kits include a wedge shaped plastic tool with a handle. Running the edge of the wedge along the edge of the phone and forcing the two halves apart eventually will cause the case to open. This is the toughest part of the repair and not really that hard. You just need to be persistent.
  3. Remove the approximately 12 screws (I did not count them when I pulled mine out but they are obvious).
  4. Use your fingernail to unseat the two connectors. There are two ribbon connectors attached that will come undone with a little pressure. The youtube video referenced above shows the removal of these on a MB525 defy model, which is similar.
  5. Remove the plastic holding frame held in by the screws.
  6. Use a small screwdriver to remove the old screen. It comes out quite easily. Note its orientation.
  7. Your new screen will have a protective plastic sheet on it. Remove that just before you install it where the old screen came out.
  8. Replace the plastic frame and the screws. Snap on the ends of the two ribbon connectors using finger pressure to ensure they are in tight. Take your time with this step.
  9. Snap the two halves back together and screw in the 4 screws. Replace the battery and back cover and you are done!

Easy peasy and feels great. Well done Motorola for designing a phone that can have the screen glass and touch screen replaced so easily.



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