My Dentist Love Sara Palin

Well the big news is that Nafus 2.0 is up. What you say? You've never heard of Narfus 1.0 so WTF? Well we skipped right to Narfus 2.0 as everything must be 2.0.

Even my dentist is calling himself Dr. Toothdoctor 2.0 (and yes thats kind of redundant). And even though he does a pretty good job on my teeth, the one way banter gets kinda old. He knows I can't talk with him probing around in my mouth so he blathers on, first about the weather and then moving on to to stickier topics like Sara Palin and abortion. Now I really don't care but I do wonder why is it that folks that are so enamored about the abortion issue seem also so enamored by Sara Palin. I guess its because she is had a downs syndrome baby and her kid had a baby too before she was married.

Still, I can't ask the why question as Dr. Tooth is busy sucking out saliva and picking little pieces of crap out from between my teeth all the while espousing Christian virtue. Now I'm cool with Christian virtue as I'm hoping the little fish on his brochure gets me a better deal (or at least he won't blatantly rip me off for fear that Jesus might send him to Hell for all eternity), but I've always been a bit squeamish on mixing of religion and God. I mean, where does it end, like we all need to go to church on Sunday before we can become president (Does it already works like that?).

Anyway, he then starts going off on how hot Palin is and he's forgetting to suck the saliva and I can feel it backing up. God, am I going to have to swallow the crap. Suck, SUCK I start beaming out into the universal consciousness (how often have I done that but its really weird at the dentist). Still he obviously has no ability to read my mind and I can see him staring up at the ceiling obviously fantasizing about Palin. Sara, I should mention, does not work for me. Don't know what it is.

In the end I swallowed and it was as if I swallowed all the nastiness that was completely concentrated in that room and I experienced Hell in that brief moment. It was as though time expanded and everything that is wrong with politics, religion and unborn children was thrust down my throat.

I left, teeth cleaned and firm that I was glad I was an independent.

OK, what was all that? Well Narfus 2.0 is launched with some wholesome limericks. And my teeth are clean. But man do I still have a bad taste in my mouth.



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