Romney is a Jerk

There. I said it. I think Romney is a Jerk. He is running for president, the top governemnt job, but it is obvious he has done everything he can to avoid paying for the government. He has amassed something close to 102 million dollars in his IRA by apparently putting stock in it that was severely undervalued. The reason, to avoid paying taxes. Avoid paying for the very thing he now whats to be head of.

He has hidden money in offshore accounts, paid less in taxes then the vast majority of Americans, and now we find out that he played games with his IRA to avoid paying taxes. What a jerk. He wants the job even though he apparently doesn't believe in helping to pay for societies common needs. I'm sure the rich pin head has no problem driving on public streets, visiting national parks, praising our military but pay to help these institutions out. Nope. He's rich and he's stingy. Normally I'd think that would be jerk like, but get this, he wants to be the president. The head of our government that is trusted with helping all Americans, He obviously doesn't believe in that mission. He is an "everyone for himself" kind of guy. An anti-Christian if you will.

Call him what you want. I think Ill stick with Jerk.



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