Yahoo Comments. Embarrassing for the Human Race

At some point, Yahoo needs to do away with their comment section. Its embarrassing. Embarrassing for us as humans to witness the sheer stupidity that is the Yahoo comment section. Yes I know what you are thinking, "What about Fox News? That's pretty darn lame right? People are pretty stupid to watch that right". OK, but on Fox News, its kind of fun to watch just from the entertainment point of view. Yes its all slanted BS with a little bit of fact tossed in and yes there are people who do believe in it, but without it, John Stewart wouldn't have as much material. His bull shit mountain stuff is very funny.

But back to Yahoo comments. This is a different story as so many of the comments are just raw, racist hate speech. Where Fox makes me smile at the use of fear to attract the gullible, yahoo makes me sad. One hopes that most of the posters are being paid but there is this dreadful feeling that maybe some are so ignorant, so hateful, as to really believe what they write.

There was an article on comparing Obama to Nixon, Benghazi "scandal" to Watergate. Kind of silly of course on its surface but the comments really showed that the posters were just clueless on what Watergate was about. But what they were not clueless on is their hate. Their ignorant, hateful rage showed clearly through in a majority of posts. Is this what Yahoo wants? Is Yahoo proud of a site with these kinds of thoughts on it? I think it's embarrassing.

Yahoo. Turn off comments. Show some class. Be strong.



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