Health Care Debate

Just a thought on the health care debate. I notice its not being called a “government takeover of health care”.

My thought is that anyone currently on a health care system created by a “government takeover of health care” and who is opposed to this reform, should give up their government health care benefits. This would be anyone on Medicare and anyone on the federal plans as well. It seems only fair.

I'm getting a little of sick of old codgers expressing their dissatisfaction of the government's public option in the current debate when they are enjoying a health care plan that was created when the government took over health care for old codgers in 1965. Most of them are happy with Medicare and don't want anyone changing it. Its extremely hypocritical.

If you are against a public health care plan, great. But please don't be saying that if you are currently enjoying a public health care option. You old people know who I'm talking about.


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