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President Obama's Letter left for President Trump after his Inauguration

President Obama's Letter left for President Trump after his Inauguration



Nettalk is a Disaster

Update: These guys have a facebook page at . But they have to delete all the negative comments so they delete almost all of them. Crazy. An absolute abomination of a company and yet they have the balls to have a fb page where they which people happy holidays. Its like a Monty Python skit! As far as my saga (described below), I still have not heard back. I have a feeling that is the point. I am never going to hear back from them. Terrible company.

Libtard Democrats


Here is one F&*ked up situation and a demonstration of how Libtard democrats can be. But before I get into that, let me first give you a little background on myself.

I was raised in a good conservative home in the OC. Republican all the way. My brother was a member of the Young Republicans in high school, we supported the Vietnam war, we even loved Nixon. Then I went to college.


A Review of Dr. Stephan Nuccion of South Bay Orthopedics

Knee X-Ray showing screws going through growth plate in her small bone

I would not recommend Dr. Stephan L. Nuccion of South Bay Orthopedics in Torrance California. In fact, I would avoid Dr. Stephan Nuccion of at all costs. A surgery he did permanently damaged my young daughters knee and he attempted to cover it up by just never talking about it. I had to uncover each mistake by doing research and visiting other doctors. When confronted with the information I had found, I believe Dr. Nuccion lied to me. In short, I believe Dr. Nuccion to be less than competent and morally deficient.  Please read the entire story below and judge for yourself:

Washington Post Trump demands apology from 'Hamilton' after cast's message to Pence

So Trump "demanding" an apology from the Hamilton cast for voicing the hope that he protects our diverse population. ( You can see the video here ) Excuse me? EXCUSE ME????? Why should anyone have to apolgize for that message? It was classy and well spoke.

Holy holy smokes. Trump really is a piece of work. I would love to give him a chance but please.


Why Trump won the Election

Warning: Due to Trump being elected this article will not be politically correct since that is apparently what a YUUUUGE number of people like!


Beware of Zamoura Instant Wrinkle Reducing Matrix and Zamoura Instant Wrinkle Reducing Matrix

Face Cream

Beware of the free trial of Zamoura Instant Wrinkle Reducing Matrix and Zamoura Instant Wrinkle Reducing Matrix. The word "free" here is a misleading scam in my opinion. It is not free in any sense of the what most people think the word means. Let me explain.

If you read their terms and conditions, they state:

Goodbye My Sweet Radio Shack

Goodbye my Sweet Radio Shack

I have both fond memories of my beloved Radio Shack and the hatred that comes from being jilted. You see, at one point in my childhood, I could not have enough Radio Shack. I could spend hours of my day in Radio Shack, thinking about new technology and all that I could do with it. I built things using Radio Shack parts. I even had a Radio Shack made Realistic brand stereo, Speakers and even headphones. Yeah, I thought Radio Shack was just the coolest.

Critical Thinking

I did very well in High School. Not Socially but academically. I quickly figured out the recipe for success. Listen to the teacher, scan the subject text book, and barf out the information back on the test. I got so I didn't really even need to listen to the teacher, the book would suffice to pull down the A.

It was all about getting information from a source that was deemed accurate and trusted, and then remembering it. Easy peazy.


How to get the best Over the Air (OTA) signal

Clip that Cord.

Like many, I have considered "cutting the cord" for a very long time. I don't like cable companies and I really don't spend that much time in front of the TV anyway. And when I do, I often rent a DVD from Red Box, or download something from Netflix. So, I decided to push off the cable company and use an Antenna and Over the Air signals for my local TV Stations. That ultimately led me to implementing MythTV on a Linux box to use as a DVR/PVR but more on that later. My first hurdle was how can I get the best signal possible.



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