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Productivity Gains going to the Top 1%

Occupy Wall Street

I have been giving a lot of thought to the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement and the more I think about it, the more I think they have a point, especially if you stare long enough at all the economic numbers dealing with unemployment, income growth, and distribution of wealth. But as my brain was absorbing the recent data showing that for the wealthiest one percent of the population average after-tax household income grew by 275% compared with just 18% for the poorest 20%, I suddenly thought of Star Trek.

Liberal or Conservative. Which views are better for America?

Liberal or Conservative. Who's more right or to put it better, which views would create a better future for our country.

But first, I don't believe Liberals and conservatives are opposites at all. I think both sides really want the best for our country and share similar values. Both want safe streets, working sewers, honest government, great schools and most importantly, efficient spending of their hard earned tax dollars.

I also don't think either side enjoys paying taxes, or at least excessive taxes.


Conspiracy Theories

Birthers, and I'm sure most have heard this term by now, are groups of people who think that Obama should not be president as he is not an American citizen. This is not about any bias they claim, rather its the principle and about our constitution.

Intelligent, Conservative Talk Radio

I recently did a little listening on a local talk radio station. They have a little tag line that runs: "Conservative, Intelligent, Talk Radio".

It is not, of course, intelligent, but it's business model is. In fact its absolutely brilliant. I only realized this after listening to the Mike Gallagher show and the advertising.


Health Care Debate

Just a thought on the health care debate. I notice its not being called a “government takeover of health care”.

My thought is that anyone currently on a health care system created by a “government takeover of health care” and who is opposed to this reform, should give up their government health care benefits. This would be anyone on Medicare and anyone on the federal plans as well. It seems only fair.

What the Tea Party has Right (and Wrong)

The Tea Party (and its not a party, its a movement) has been gathering steam. They are upset about how things are currently going. They have a lot right, but unfortunately, they have a lot wrong as well.

At its heart, the movement is a conservative movement, wanting low taxes, small government and personal responsibility. All of these are reasonable. The issue is that the movement is over simplistic.


How to become a male porn star

I've developed a new found respect for the male porn star. Let me explain.


My Dentist Love Sara Palin

Well the big news is that Nafus 2.0 is up. What you say? You've never heard of Narfus 1.0 so WTF? Well we skipped right to Narfus 2.0 as everything must be 2.0.



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