Why We are so Polarized

After writing that Yahoo comment article, I started thinking about why. Why are we so polarized? Why does there seem to be so many people at the extremes, shouting, screaming and hating? Here is someone who does an elegant job of explaining it. This is professor Lawrence Lessig and he starts of by describing Lesterland.

Let me know what you think.


Yahoo Comments. Embarrassing for the Human Race

At some point, Yahoo needs to do away with their comment section. Its embarrassing. Embarrassing for us as humans to witness the sheer stupidity that is the Yahoo comment section. Yes I know what you are thinking, "What about Fox News? That's pretty darn lame right? People are pretty stupid to watch that right". OK, but on Fox News, its kind of fun to watch just from the entertainment point of view. Yes its all slanted BS with a little bit of fact tossed in and yes there are people who do believe in it, but without it, John Stewart wouldn't have as much material.


Feeling Sorry for Conservatives

Lately my heart is going out to conservatives. The party of Abraham Lincoln is turning into the party of stupid.

When the polls were showing Obama leading, I kept hearing from conservatives that the polls were wrong. The pollsters were over polling Democrats. Or they weren't polling older people (who they said were more conservative) because polling was being done via cell phone and old conservative codgers don't apparently have cell phones.


Why the Tea Party is Stupid

The Tea Party is mostly upset with one thing. The deficit and by extension, that national debt. Now that sounds pretty reasonable. We all want responsible government spending. And isn't the deficit insanely high lately? The national debt (and by extension the interest on the debt) is astronomical. So isn't the Tea Party something we can all get on board with.

Maybe. But this is the reason that looking at things without context is dangerous. So lets put some context around this issue.


Romney is a Jerk

There. I said it. I think Romney is a Jerk. He is running for president, the top governemnt job, but it is obvious he has done everything he can to avoid paying for the government. He has amassed something close to 102 million dollars in his IRA by apparently putting stock in it that was severely undervalued. The reason, to avoid paying taxes. Avoid paying for the very thing he now whats to be head of.


Obama Care Legal?

If congress can force you into the army during a war, shouldn't they be able to fine you if you don't get health insurance? For the good of the nation and all of that.


Conservative Old People

On NPR tonight they mentioned they were interviewing Old People.... well people older than 65, and many of them said they were angry at the current government. And most of them identified themselves "Conservative". Great.

One point though. If you are an old person that voted for George W. Bush, even once, you should shut the hell up, and only be angry at yourself.


Productivity Gains going to the Top 1%

Occupy Wall Street

I have been giving a lot of thought to the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement and the more I think about it, the more I think they have a point, especially if you stare long enough at all the economic numbers dealing with unemployment, income growth, and distribution of wealth. But as my brain was absorbing the recent data showing that for the wealthiest one percent of the population average after-tax household income grew by 275% compared with just 18% for the poorest 20%, I suddenly thought of Star Trek.

Liberal or Conservative. Which views are better for America?

Liberal or Conservative. Who's more right or to put it better, which views would create a better future for our country.

But first, I don't believe Liberals and conservatives are opposites at all. I think both sides really want the best for our country and share similar values. Both want safe streets, working sewers, honest government, great schools and most importantly, efficient spending of their hard earned tax dollars.

I also don't think either side enjoys paying taxes, or at least excessive taxes.


Conspiracy Theories

Birthers, and I'm sure most have heard this term by now, are groups of people who think that Obama should not be president as he is not an American citizen. This is not about any bias they claim, rather its the principle and about our constitution.


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