Feeling Sorry for Conservatives

Lately my heart is going out to conservatives. The party of Abraham Lincoln is turning into the party of stupid.

When the polls were showing Obama leading, I kept hearing from conservatives that the polls were wrong. The pollsters were over polling Democrats. Or they weren't polling older people (who they said were more conservative) because polling was being done via cell phone and old conservative codgers don't apparently have cell phones.

Well now the polls are say Romney is ahead and the conservatives have gone silent. Is the polling off now? Is Romney even more ahead? Is the evil, left leaning media just playing tricks?

Then I read an article by Gary D. Halbert in an apartment magazine. He was again on one of his conservative rants all about how Obama had gutted welfare work requirements with the "stroke of a pen". Like most conservatives these days, he doesn't bother to research further and laments that he can't understand why Obama would do something like this. Mr Halbert writes "Republicans and Democrats largely agree that the Clinton welfare reforms were working - IF you consider the goal to be more people working instead of on welfare. Yet Obama chose to 'fix' something that wasn't broken".

Now here is where the train leaves the tracks and gets very stupid. If I were to hear something that on its face didn't make sense, I would research it. Not Mr Halbert. Rather, he goes on to come up with his own theory to explain this seeming craziness. Perhaps Obama, Mr Halbert proposes, is gutting this requirement "to get more Americans dependent on the government for their daily subsistence". This, we're told, would make people "more likely to vote for the president in November". How evil, of Obama and how cynical of Mr Halbert.

But here is the sad part. Google "Obama gutting welfare work requirement" (not too hard) and you quickly get to http://www.factcheck.org/2012/08/does-obamas-plan-gut-welfare-reform/ . Here the story gets clearer and MAKES SENSE. The reasons it was done are all spelled out as well. Nothing gutted. No evil plot. Wow. The power of the Internet (and thank God for Al Gore).

Now that's not to say all odd things can be explained. I have no idea why Bush sat there for 7 whole minutes after being told that the United States was under attack on 9/11. (He was the Commander in Chief of the armed forces at the time after all). Yes 7 minutes is a VERY long time and that one has no great explanation. But I am still not going to concoct some crazy theory on how maybe Bush knew about the attacks in advance or something. I just don't know. And Bush was kind of odd. So Ill stick with that.

But one thing we can be pretty sure of is that a once proud party, the GOP, is truly becoming the party of stupid. The party of the non-intellectuals. The believers. The facts don't matter party. Its sad, embarrassing and frankly, Stupid.

Here is an idea. Maybe the Democratic party can become the new GOP and the Green party can become the new Democratic party. Just a thought.



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