Nettalk is a Disaster

Update: These guys have a facebook page at . But they have to delete all the negative comments so they delete almost all of them. Crazy. An absolute abomination of a company and yet they have the balls to have a fb page where they which people happy holidays. Its like a Monty Python skit! As far as my saga (described below), I still have not heard back. I have a feeling that is the point. I am never going to hear back from them. Terrible company.

Update 2: Charles (a Manager) of Nettalk straightened out the issue and fixed my phone.  It took forever but they did do the right thing. Still, I word urge caution with this service as their method of support (a chat window) is just not responsive and makes it so easy for them to just ignore you.

Review of Nettalk

I have been a Nettalk customer for a long time and have watched their service levels diminish until now it is mostly unusable. And today is the final straw. My phone will not work as I apparently have exceeded my "reasonable use" amount. Understand that I have the "Unlimited Use" plan.  However, their web page says reasonable use is 1500 minutes per month and if you use over that, they will cut you off.

But wait, I have used 364 minutes so far. What the F&(* is going on?

OK, on to their customer service. But customer service is a chat window that closes after 4PM. But its 3 here so I type furiously. The woman "Marilyn"  says certain numbers count more than others. OK, I say, what numbers count more? How do I get cut off after just 364 minutes of use (both inbound and outbound). Well she can't say but she can transfer me to the "Reasonable Use Team" and they can sort it out. That was 2 hours ago and nothing. I type in the little window and get nothing back. Maybe they went home? Maybe they don't care?

Bottom line, my phone is dead and apparently there isn't a way to fix it. I suggest avoiding this company. Unless you like being frustrated.

By the way, Nettalk is cheap and their quality is what you pay for. They drop calls constantly and will just cut you off in the middle of a conversation. I lived with that for a long time but now this. Terrible.


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